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Kari Samuelson


GEORGIA TECH | B.S. IN industrial systems and engineering

Developing multifaceted teams to build and perfect scalable processes.

With over 25 years of IT experience, Kari Samuelson has an extensive operations background. She began her career designing software and user experience for Delta Airlines before transitioning into health IT. Kari helped grow Vendormate Credentialing, a healthcare-focused start-up in Georgia Tech’s business incubator and led the integration of the software company after it was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange. Kari ran operations for Global Healthcare Exchange’s Vendormate Credentialing and Managed Services organizations where she assembled a global team to launch the Managed Services product line for GHX, an international healthcare exchange processing a transaction volume of over 144 B in 12 months. She combines her operational and health IT expertise to develop fully integrated systems, teams, and scalable processes at Galerie Connect.